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Wamp server problem solved.

Any technology problem that swallows endless hours of my time, compels me...


Real Estate

Triple-Net Leases NNN

I have been working on several...

O’REILLY series – Buying a home

It's no secret the O'reilly book series is pretty exciting for...
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Carbon Emission Reduction is next commodity!

We all know that "green" is the new "black" and social responsibility for climate change is becoming everyone's duty. The reality is carbon emission...

Podcasts for designers and developers

Podcasts for designers and developers I am traveling for Turkey-day and loaded up my ipod touch with an array of podcasts from one of my...

Does your Startup need Video?

For all you entrepreneurs looking to incorporate video in your websites or blogs, a new CDN (content distribution network) known as Magnify might be...

DimDim web conferencing rock!

The web conferencing open source software competes directly with webex and offers...
Apple WWDC 2011 Keynote Coverage

World of Warcraft on your mobile

World of Warcraft is going mobile (yeah....will it work...I know). Vello is a well funded Israeli startup I reported early this year... it...