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Entrepreneurs head to RaiseCapital

I receive a fair amount of solicitations for free plugs but when Maureen Mecke from 5W Public Relations sent one for RaiseCapital. I felt...


Real Estate

CCIM program

I'm waiting for a flight and figured I would plug the value of the CCIM program for real estate professionals. I just completed the...

how do you get a green card

// // The EB5 visa program continues to get national media attention and provides an attractive way for foreigners to get their green card....
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CBS proves Bubble 2.0 may exist.

CBS forks out $5 million big ones for Wallstrip according to reports from jossip. Wallstrip is a humorous take on Wall Street and sustained...

Hedge funds controlling the market

Do hedge funds control the market? Selling continues as the market starts to feel more like 1929 than 1987 with the wide spread panic instilled...

Web 2.0 term is getting tired

According to VentureBeat an interesting article from SiliconValleyWatcher web 2.0 is not only getting haggard but is no longer worthy of further investment from...

Pinbooster – Get Paid for your pins

This will be my first contributing post on Startup Addict, so I...
DEMO 2011 - day 2

Demo 2011 – Social Media Technologies Day#2

Spring Demo 2011 Day#2 got underway this morning with the following companies...