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Google’s Mobile OS and continued spectrum pursuit.

The Gphone (Google hates the name) hasn't arrived yet, but Android powered phones are rumored to arrive sometime in the 2nd half of 2008....


Real Estate

how do you get a green card

// // The EB5 visa program continues to get national media attention and provides an attractive way for foreigners to get their green card....

Triple-Net Leases NNN

I have been working on several...
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Crowdfunding Tips

Whether equity crowdfunding via the JOBS Act or reward crowdfunding (under current law)...

million dollar bill

Million dollar bill...WOW...stupidity apparently knows no bounds. I first came across this story in the early AM on Yahoo's front page but then later...
facebook revenue

Microsoft Faces-off with Facebook…maybe.

I debated on whether I was going to post on the Microsoft Facebook deal seeing how all the usual credibles had it covered such...

92 percent of developers ignoring Microsoft

Steve Ballmer thought otherwise, but all I have to say after watching these two clips is Laughter, Laughter, Laughter.... For more info on why developers...

CBS buys for $280 Million Big Ones.

As I reported in an earlier acquisition post, CBS continues its' rampage for new media acquisitions as the network devours sticky media properties. The...