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CEO Exchange at Dartmouth College

I attended the live production of CEO Exchange last Thursday with a friend a mine from Timken. The round-table session consisted of GE's CEO...


Real Estate

Unconventional uses for 1031 exchanges

For those of you unfamiliar, a 1031 exchange gives the real estate investor the ability to sell a piece of property and parlay the...

Like Kind Real Estate Exchanges

One of my favorite tax-deferred vehicles for real estate is the use of like-kind 1031 exchanges. The actual law will vary from state to...
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Regulation D



MySQL sold for $1 billion dollars

// // MySQL sold for $1 billion big ones...this is huge news. 2008 is officially the year of open source. The open source database...
David Cohen - TechStars

Interview with David Cohen-TechStars

I finished reading Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your...

GameSalad game creation tool

GameSalad has raised $6.1 million in funding, led by Steamboat Ventures, with...

Seed Program at Spark Capital

Spark Capital has launched a seed program for entrepreneurs called Start at Spark and will fund a convertible loan up to $250,000 bucks (converted...

New York—Late one night in the summer of 2008, Brooklyn resident Jonathan...