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Social Graph API released by Google

Yesterday Google released a new API for the “social graph”. You can check out our previous discussions on the social graph here. Google’s announcement...


Real Estate

Like Kind Real Estate Exchanges

One of my favorite tax-deferred vehicles for real estate is the use of like-kind 1031 exchanges. The actual law will vary from state to...

Home Prices and Commodities

I always enjoy reading Lawrence Yun's columns from Realtor magazine. He is the chief economist for NAR (National Association Realtors) and has an above...
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Facebook revenue to reach 1 billion.

Facebook revenue to reach 1 billion dollars by the end of 2010...

Andreessen Horowitz

Embedded video from Video Internet Entrepreneur...
Simple File Sharing

Simple File Sharing

I have been using a simple file sharing service called Dropbox that...

Weekly Roundup.

Sorry for the extended absence everyone, but it was another expo all week in Vegas on the heels of the Drupalcon 2008 conference in...
co work space boston

Web 2.0 and Real Estate

I have been getting more and more requests to do more postings on real estate development rather than just exclusively cover entrepreneurship, and...