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How to share your screen

How to share your screen for free

How to share your screen for Free I had a conference call...

iphone apps watched more than TV

Can't afford a 30-second spot on network television or major sports broadcasts?...

Phone Droid

The Motorola phone Droid continues to...

Motorola droid vs incredible

I recently ordered four Droid Incredibles for myself and three employees last...

Planon mobile handheld printer and scanner

Road Warrior takes on a whole new meaning with the Planon handheld...
Virtuix VR

Virtuix – Your chance to invest in VR.

The Virtuix Omni™ is purportedly the first virtual reality device/interface to allow a human to move naturally and freely without obstruction in your favorite game. This...
Simple File Sharing

Simple File Sharing

I have been using a simple file sharing service called Dropbox that...

Blackberry playbook

RIM announced the Blackberry Playbook. A...

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