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Blackberry playbook

RIM announced the Blackberry Playbook. A...

Motorola droid vs incredible

I recently ordered four Droid Incredibles for myself and three employees last...
Simple File Sharing

Simple File Sharing

I have been using a simple file sharing service called Dropbox that...
must have android apps

Must Have Android Apps

Below are some of the best must have Android apps for...

Phone Droid

The Motorola phone Droid continues to...

Planon mobile handheld printer and scanner

Road Warrior takes on a whole new meaning with the Planon handheld...
Virtuix VR

Virtuix – Your chance to invest in VR.

The Virtuix Omni™ is purportedly the first virtual reality device/interface to allow a human to move naturally and freely without obstruction in your favorite game. This...
How to share your screen

How to share your screen for free

How to share your screen for Free I had a conference call...

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