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Franchise Tips

Franchising startups are on a tear

If you're trying to decide on...

Playdom raises another $33 Million in VC

Social gaming startup Playdom raised...

Pre Money Valuation

Chances are if your researching the term pre money valuation then you...
Exclusiv Vodka

Exclusiv Vodka Startup

// Serge Chistov left Russia in 1992 after the Soviet Union broke down and came to America with $300 in his pocket.  Now, twenty...

Day 1 at DrupalCon 2008 Boston

Drupalcon 2008 got underway today and a great day it was. Dries Buytaert the original founder of Drupal kicked off the event with a...

Startup ideas and trends

If your searching for your next...

VCs start to feel the cold shoulder

For the last decade VCs have been the most coveted "old-boys club" for the money-thirsty entrepreneur. They represent the holy grail of funding and...
The Funded Term Sheet

The Funded reveals term sheets

// // I Posted on The Funded in 2007 shortly after initial launch. The company that lets entrepreneurs rate VC's based on their various...
tips to blog marketing

5 Best Tips to Marketing your Blog

5 essential tips for marketing your...

7 degrees raises $6.8 Million

Why should Kevin Bacon have all the fun?. 7 degrees raised $6.8...

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