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Embedded video from Video Internet Entrepreneur...

ODesk rocks the house

For all you entrepreneurs out there that have been through the various freelance and outsourcing sites with little to no luck, ODesk will be...

Seed Program at Spark Capital

Spark Capital has launched a seed program for entrepreneurs called Start at Spark and will fund a convertible loan up to $250,000 bucks (converted...

Pre Money Valuation

Chances are if your researching the term pre money valuation then you...

Equity Crowdfunding legalized via JOBS Act

Earlier today President Barrack Obama signed the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act...
renting desk space

Incorporating a business

All you serial entrepreneurs and startup addicts who have incorporated or are thinking of incorporating a business have undoubtedly heard of services like Bizfilings,...

Is Jelli the Next Big Thing For Social Radio?

Though the streaming radio startup has been around since 2009, it has recently managed to reach international fame and status through high crowdfunding achievements (up to...

MySQL sold for $1 billion dollars

// // MySQL sold for $1 billion big ones...this is huge news. 2008 is officially the year of open source. The open source database...
The Funded Term Sheet

The Funded. VCs feel Entrepreneurs pain.

I came across my new favorite VC site "The Funded" this morning and was dying to blog about it. The site allows entrepreneurs to...
angel funding

Angel Term Sheet Essentials

Angel Term sheets will vary and have several provisions to protect Angels...

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