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<img src="" This is the first posting for Startup Addict on the wordpress platform since our move from the blogger platform. The old blog site...

web entrepreneur community

The web entrepreneur community is underway. We are gearing up for a big marketing push, even though we are currently live in public beta... is finally LIVE!

Version 2.0 of StartupAddict is finally up and running. I want to thank everyone who waited patiently as SA was converted from a custom...

15 Days until StartupAddict Launch! – The startup helping startups.

I am pleased to announce the first posting on the "official blog" for Startup Addict. The last 5 months have been some of the...

Day 1 at DrupalCon 2008 Boston

Drupalcon 2008 got underway today and a great day it was. Dries Buytaert the original founder of Drupal kicked off the event with a...

Linked In vs. Facebook.

I read an interesting article on Valleywag today regarding the imminent battle of Facebook and Linked In. The battle in my opinion never needs...

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