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The 8th Habit

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8th Habit

If you get a chance to read the 8th habit or at least listen to the audio book by Stephen Covey (author of 7 highly effective habits of successful people) it is well worth it. I’m a little late on getting the book, but it was in the bargain bin at Barnes the other day and couldn’t help myself. Mr. Covey makes some very interesting points on the difference between workers in the 20th century verses the worker of the 21st century.

The old century was based on the industrial age where production and efficiency was paramount. Today the Knowledge worker is among us and needs to be treated less like an expense (industrial age accounting system) and more like an asset. The modern day worker is more entrepreneurial than the 20th century industrial age worker, yet current employers have not adapted to that change. Most employees feel they are restricted or wasting their time in their current work environment.

Solutions need to come from the employer to let the knowledge worker be more entrepreneurial and base a reward system on company improvement and common goals. I think the churn rate at businesses and the overall work culture would grow dramtaically by implementing this ideology. In the process, the modern worker would feel empowered and satisfy the entrepreneirual gene that is in all of us. The employer just needs to loosen the leash a bit. Some of the most successful companies have implemented flavors of this technique.

It has alway been my philosophy with any businesses I am involved with to give employees and partners enough rope to either perform or hang themselves.

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