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Creating a successful pitch

Creating a good pitch and spreading the word is essential for you to hit your funding target.  Here are some help tips on how to create the perfect pitch and get the funding that you need.

Number One

Set yourself an achievable target

Make sure that you set yourself a target that you can achieve. Gauge reaction from other pitches and have a careful think about who might contribute to your project.

1. How large is your network of friends and family and what is their likelihood to support you?
2. Are you a member of an association or group with other members with similar interests who might be willing to contribute to your project?
3. Make sure that you make your pitch as attractive as possible to potential funders and offer rewards that are unique and exciting.

Number Two

Create a powerful pitch

Be honest and clear about what you want to achieve. Tell a story and make it as interesting and compelling as possible.  Explain what makes you different to other projects and why you need the funding?  Make sure that you spend time planning and rehearsing your video pitch – this is your chance to really demonstrate why people should fund your project. Be creative and have fun – the more likeable your pitch, the greater chance it has of becoming a viral success and taking cyber space by storm.

Number Three

Spread the word

Work hard to create a strong pitch and then promote it with enthusiasm. Be passionate about your pitch and take every opportunity to tell people about what you are doing and what you want to achieve. Promote it to friends and family, and encourage them to spread the word on your behalf. To have the greatest chance of success use social networking websites and tap into groups and communities who might have an interest in what you are doing.

Number Four

Reward people

Create exciting rewards that will get people interested and talking about your pitch. Be creative. If you can reward funders with something that is exclusive or unique you are more likely to hit your funding target.  Rewards can be both tangible and intangible and they might encourage people who are interested in your project to fund your pitch.

Number Five

Keep people involved and update them

Keeping people updated on the progress of your pitch will help to keep the momentum and make investors feel part of a group. Updates will keep interest high and may encourage people to spread the word for you when you need that final push to hit your funding target.

 Number Six

Say thank you

It may seem obvious but it is important to say thank you and show your appreciation.