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Crowdfunding ideas to spark your imagination

Startup Addict projects are only limited by your imagination, and your commitment and enthusiasm to promote it and inspire people to support you. Here are some ideas for Startup Addict projects to get you thinking.

Brilliant Banksy

Do you dream of a way to show off your artistic flair?  Have you got an original concept for an exhibition or theatre production that people would love?  Whether your medium is canvas, stage or computer we’d love to help you follow in the same footsteps as Banksy and create something truly stunning.

Banksy graffiti art
Inspector Gadget cartoon

Inspector Gadget

Do you have a great idea for a cunning gadget or gizmo that will take the world by storm? The great British public are famous for their ingenuity and flair for finding solutions not problems.

Do you need some money to copyright your idea or build a prototype? Whether your ambition is big or small Startup Addict can take your idea to the next level.

Budding Branson

Everyone has to start somewhere.  For Sir Richard Branson it was selling cut-priced records out of the boot of his car. We want to help fledgling go-getters like young Richard take those first steps.

So if you have a great idea for a new business but need some seed funding to help grow Startup Addict could be your answer.

A young Sir Richard Branson - brilliant!
Star Wars original poster

The next Steven Spielberg

Making short films and documentaries has never been easier.  You can now make your directors debut for the cost of a cheap video camera from Argos, some props from the second-hand shop and a small bribe for your friends to co-star. With a bit of imagination your reasonably priced production can be a box office success.

So whether you are a political activist with a point to make, a comedian with a joke to tell, or sports junky with some stunts to show off – Startup Addict can help you raise the cash you need to get started.

Or just for fun

Not every project has to have a serious edge.  We’re also interested in your hair-brained, jaw-dropping ideas that will make people smile, laugh and bring some sparkle to peoples’ lives.

So if you want to launch a homemade rocket into space, smash a world record or cycle across the globe let Startup Addict help your idea become a reality.

Men carrying rockets!