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Successful entrepreneurs stories usually come from a specific need or problem not being addressed. For instance, tangled earplugs is an incessant problem with ipods everyone knows that. Well entrepreneur Julie Barkley is solving the common problem with the Earbud Yo-Yo. Her company Covington Creations has started production and marketing of the Earbud Yo-Yo and expects to be break even by year end.

After the proverbial light bulb, Julie searched for a prototype maker and eventually a manufacturer out of Taiwan. She then plowed $30,000 of savings into her yet to be successful product and joined the Consumer Electronics Association for her unveiling. The best part about Julie’s idea was taking an existing product like earbuds and modifying with her third party device to solve the problem. At a possible price around $15 bucks that sounds like a a soon to be successful entrepreneur story to me.

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