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How it Works

How Crowdfunding works

Startup Addict is a new way for people to pool small amounts of money to back a good idea or project.
If you need funding for a project or idea; Startup Addict really is a no-brainer.

•    It’s FREE to register and there’re no monthly subscription fees
•    We only take our 5% commission on successful projects
•    If you hit your funding target you’ll get the money
•    If you don’t, the people funding your project will get their money back

So there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Start a pitch today.

Crowdfunding – a revolutionary way to raise funds

We aim to give bright young sparks – who are bursting with cool ideas – a revolutionary new way to raise money by crowdfunding their project.

Startup Addict gives the USA’s smartest characters a newfangled way to raise money by tapping into a ‘crowd’ of like minded trendsetters willing to invest small amounts of cash in exchange for unique rewards and being part of something unique.

We’d love to hear from talented people in the United States who need funding to launch a project they’ve been dying to get off the ground – it can be anything entrepreneurial from food to photography, fashion to film or art to an extreme adventure.

Raising funds for your project

Funding a project through Startup Addict is easy as pie.  Simply create an online pitch and promote it to people you think might help fund your endeavour.  Once you reach your target we’ll transfer you the money pledged by your amazing group of funders and you can finally get down to the serious business of making your project become a reality. Be sure to give great rewards to enhance your chance of success.

Funding a project

We give amazing people – like you – the opportunity to follow and back great ideas from great people. Funding an exciting new project is simple. Whether you’re investing in a forward-thinking entrepreneur, a stylish new fashion designer, or a enlightening video documentary – Startup Addict gives you the chance to get involved and fund projects that tickle your fancy.

In return you’ll get a reward from the founder of the project.  This could be anything from a ‘big thank you’ to something unique that will justify the Funders pledge. It totally depends on how much you contribute and how generous the founder is.