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Viral Marketing is all the rage

Every Entrepreneur needs to master the ever evolving and elusive viral marketing secrets that turn startups into legends. First, lets make sure we are...


Real Estate

Carbon Emission Reduction is next commodity!

We all know that "green" is the new "black" and social responsibility for climate change is becoming everyone's duty. The reality is carbon emission...

CCIM program

I'm waiting for a flight and figured I would plug the value of the CCIM program for real estate professionals. I just completed the...
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Knol and Google’s plan to take over the world.

"Your over-confidence will be your downfall." - Luke Skywalker "Your faith in your friends will be yours." - Darth Sidious "Don't be Evil" - Google's original...

Virtual Economy and Virtual Goods

The real economy might be in the doldrums, but the virtual economy is never better. Virtual products being bought and sold is nothing new...

Pixable lands $3.6 million

Pixable, a startup we reported on at Spring DEMO last month landed...

Doba Review part IV – case study

The final chapter in my Doba review case study is finally here....
color social photo app

Meet Color, the twitter of photos

Serial entrepreneur Bill Nguyen launched his latest company today called Color. There...