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Weekly Roundup.

Sorry for the extended absence everyone, but it was another expo all week in Vegas on the heels of the Drupalcon 2008 conference in...


Real Estate

Algae-based fuel is startup central

Algae based fuel startups are now...

Unconventional uses for 1031 exchanges

For those of you unfamiliar, a 1031 exchange gives the real estate investor the ability to sell a piece of property and parlay the...

CCIM program

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Google Real Time Search…live

Reading about Google real time search, it's amazing watch it here LIVE

FastCompany not so Fast…

TechCrunch just reported FastCompany has turned social network. It has eerie similarities to It was built on Drupal with OpenID just like SA...

Global Entrepreneurship Week

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov. 16-22), the Kauffman Foundation and...

Facebook launches Marketplace.

Every morning I wake up and have less hair because my programmers continue to mull over bug revisions and a feature called Marketplace. The...