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DEMO 2011 kicks off!



I’m at DEMO 2011 in beautiful Palm Desert and the morning session just finished up. For those of you unfamiliar with DEMO this year, there will be a total of 52 amazing companies having between 90 seconds to 6 minutes to pitch their ideas and wares to an audience of investors, technophiles and the press.

matt-marshallMatt Marshall’s opening remarks was a clear message “it’s all about social”. He spoke of the speed at which circa 1980 companies grew compared to the 1990s to the modern day. It took a half a century to get to billion dollar valuations now companies can be multi-billion companies like Facebook, Zynga & Groupon in a matter of years.

Morning Session focused on consumer technologies including the following presenters:

  • AboutOne.com
  • ecoATM
  • FlyRuby.com
  • Manilla
  • MindWave
  • PhotoRocket
  • Primadesk
  • SocialEyes
  • CVAC Systems Inc.
  • ICaR Expert Systems from ICaR Systems (Alpha pitch)
  • KloudDock from InfiniWing, Inc. (Alpha Pitch)
  • Qffers App from Dvmmy (Alpha Pitch)
  • DataRoket
  • GageIn
  • Swivel
  • VIOLIN Platform by Embria Technologies
  • Workface
  • Social Shopper
  • Outline.com (Alpha Pitch)

  • There will be much more to come on all of these companies. Stay tuned as the hottest startups get their 6 minutes of fame.

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