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FastCompany not so Fast…

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TechCrunch just reported FastCompany has turned social network. It has eerie similarities to StartupAddict.com. It was built on Drupal with OpenID just like SA 2.0. It appears tardiness is the price SA 2.0 is paying for bootstrapping. However, we’re almost out of the box and now have a solid foundation for expandibility that SA 1.0 never would have delivered. Be sure to read our previous post “Why Drupal was the obvious choice for SA 2.0”

6 months ago I may have seen FastCompany as a competitor in this space but with the current trends of portable data I think it actually is a boon. FC has always been a solid brand that I’ve respected. It’s nice to see them turn to the social networking space on Drupal. I think the synergies between FC and SA will benefit entrepreneurs and others addicts in the startup value chain. I look forward to joining the FC community.

If you didn’t get to beta test SA 1.0 back in May 2007 check out our review at Killer startups

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