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    free social media icons

    Media LootMediaLoot is a Designer’s Dream and you can browse through thousands of icons, vectors and UI design elements. If your anything like me you’ve scoured the Internet looking for worthy free social media icons that are actually useful and current with today’s design standards. Enter MediaLoot.

    You can have the most amazing content and if it’s not paired with awesome visual presentation you will not see the kind of traffic you expect and deserve. People are very visual creatures and this is something you will need to exploit on your blog. Once you’ve set up your website or blog (the overall look and feel) and posted some unique content, you might be wondering what else you can do to take things to the next level, and we’ve got an answer for you: Grab some bad-ass free social media icons!

    Medialoot’s free Social media icons and goodies are often just as good as the paid items. They have amazing sets of icons in addition to their premium sets, and they offer them for you to download any time you like. is one of the first sites to offer a free social media icon set that includes a Pinterest icon, so if you want to let your readers share your content across a wide range of social networks these are great icons for your blog.

    Top Free Social Media Icons on

    Round Social Media Icons

     Social Postage Stamps Part 1

     30+ New Social Media Icons also offers some great premium social icon sets as well:

     Stone Cold Web Button

     Social Postage Stamps Part 2 

    You will be tempted and hard-pressed not to subscribe to’s premium membership offers after you see all the free fodder on the website.  Many interesting and useful icons are available on the site ranging from textures and brushes, to Web UI resources. As long as you keep things tasteful (simple & classy versus overly busy) and serve up great content posts to go along with the appealing visuals you are sure to enjoy success with your blog.


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