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The 4-hour work week


I stumbled upon a USA Today article entitled “The 4-hour workweek,” a new book by 29 year-old Timothy Ferriss. I’ve yet to read the book but the premise fits nicely with the Startup Addict mantra “Dream Big, Be Great”. According to the article the three magic ingredients are:

1. Time
2. Mobility
3. Income

Time is based on the 80/20 rule. 80% output with 20% input. Work smarter not harder. Mobility is based on not being tied to any one particular location. Run your business from various locations across the globe. Lastly, Income (duh) is based on automating a cash flow stream….tactile concepts that have been plugged by wealthy individuals for decades. The Rich Dad series and Robert Allen’s principles will give you the sage advice needed on the automated income subject. All in all, it’s probably a book I’ll add to my shelf and hopefully be able to convince Timothy to create a profile and become an advisor on Startup Addict to share his experiences and guide budding entrepreneurs.

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