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Toktumi is skype on steroids


Toktumi (pronounced “Talk-2-me”) is a new startup aimed at the VOIP market and competes with Skype but with additional features of a service like Gotvmail. Toktumi is targeted toward small businesses and is first downloaded to a PC and setup with features like autoattendent, mailboxes, call forwarding, conferencing etc… If gives a budding new business the professional big-business feel. From a release provided through Fiercewireless Peter Sisson the founder states:

“There are 40M people working in small businesses with one to nine employees, half of whom work out of their homes,” said Peter Sisson, CEO and founder of Toktumi Inc. “This segment has been ignored by most providers because they were considered too small, yet together they are a huge and important part of our economy. Toktumi is the first fully-featured office phone solution that businesses can set up in five minutes and use for free before they commit to anything, whether they need one line or 10.”

I have a feeling this company will not only be profitable quickly but a prime target for acquisition. Toktumi has all the ingredients to scale fast and furious. Free until you are satisfied and then $12.95 a month thereafter (plus .02 cents a call)

The company presented at Demo08 yesterday in the video below:

Om has a nice overview of Demo08 and 4 emerging trends among the presenting startups this year that you should take note of.

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