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CBS buys Dotspotter for $10 Million


Gossip blogs and websites are all the rage. They generate enormous amounts of traffic and run the gamut of pop culture searches. I have blogged about CBS numerous times (wallstrip and last.fm acquisitions) as the network continues to diversify into a number of interactive and web 2.0 properties. “Content is king” and CBS continues to bet big on that platitude. $10 Million bucks for an infant site with next to no revenue is par of the course in the wake of over-inflated valuations in web acquisitions. However it bods well for a friend of my who is in this catergory and it may have just landed him some nice valuation. Take a peak at his glamor gab blog with a southern twist over at Fatback and Collards.

Paid content has the full scoop along with some sweet info about the seed angels behind Dotspotter.

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