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Rooftop Media raises cash to cash-in on comedy


Rooftop Media is a great idea, concept and business model. Besides the fact that I love corvids (a family of crows, ravens, magpies etc.) that is embedded in their logo, it actually is a successful continuation of a yet another niche youtube. Rooftop Offers viral clip sharing and searching specialized channels (sound familiar?).

The premise is “middle tail” as Venture Beat dubs it. Comedians that are ripe for the limelight but fall short of the rare and unique success of Comedy Central and Saturday Night live.

The other unique aspect of Rooftop Media is the similarities it possesses to Startup Addict. It reminds me of the resources I’ve tried to offer the average Joe entrepreneurs that fall short of glory in the eyes of VC and/or Angels. It’s not that the idea or business model is faulty, it’s just that another idea or business model is better. As Trump’s Apprentice says, “It’s nothing personal, it’s business”. Rooftop raised 2.5 Million to capture the essence of the rising star comedian that is somewhere between the unknown and the Saturday Night Live superstar.Rooftop as a true Web 2.0 property has multiple syndication channels including a mobile market with Sprint’s mspot (which basically means Sprint envy for VCAST).

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