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Adbrite gets cash infusion from Sequoia Capital


Adbrite raises money
The advertising network arena is ramping up at heart pounding speed and will inevitably end in big valuation buyouts and massive consolidation by the four horseman of the Internet and smaller mid-sized players. VentureBeat reported moments ago Adbrite raised another $23 million in third round (series C) funding from Sequoia Capital. If your not familiar with Sequoia, they are the creme da la creme of the VC world and the rap sheet to back it. If Sequoia is investing in a company (heard of Youtube?) people take notice.

According to sources gathered at VentureBeat

It is the third largest ad network, behind Google and Advertising.com, with over one billion page views a day across a network of 50,000 publishers. He says that AdBrite will use the funds to accelerate growth and expand the network’s targeting capabilities, including behavioral targeting.

Adbrite was an obvious acquisition target and now with Sequoia jumping in the game and stamp of approval, it is more a matter of when, not if.

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