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Buzzlogic ad network is the next generation “conversational ad network”. The company boasts the ability to follow the spread of influence based on a set of keywords and follow the social graph like a virus. According to Venture Beat:

“The company started out as a brand-monitoring service for PR and marketing types who want to keep track of everything being said about their brands, by whom, and how much power the people saying it have on the web. By choosing a set of keywords, users could see where the conversation around any topic started and how it spread.”

I posted about Lotame earlier in the year when they landed series B funding to the tune of $13 million from Emergence Capital, Battery Ventures and Hill Crest Management. Ironically, $13 million (a little more) is what Buzzlogic has been infused with over the last couple years from Adams Capital Management, Transcosmos and Ackerley Partners.

The big difference between Lotame and Buzzlogic is behavioral. Lotame focuses on what behavior a user conducts across one website or widget to the next, whereas Buzzlogic isolates bloggers with the most influence within a market niche and will match advertisers to the blogger for a premium.

Aside from being a very cool concept, there may be some real money to be made here for bloggers. At the very least it is a fresh alternative to adsense with a very unique monetary system….influence.

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