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Crowd Science rocks!

Crowd Science

Crowd Science
Crowd Science is extremely interesting company that enables publishers / bloggers to survey their readership. More specifically, identify your blogging audience. I was browsing my blogroll and a survey popped up on the home page. Being the curious type, I explored the first series of questions and realized it was dissecting me by demographic. I referenced the url in the browser and found it was Crowd Science….a super cool and free (for basic) demographic survey web service. From the company’s website:

Crowd Science Demographics is a new analytics service that builds detailed reports on the demographics and attitudes of website audiences.
By surveying a small number visitors with carefully constructed questionnaires, Crowd Science Demographics is able to build comprehensive profiles that give publishers a deep understanding of their audience.

If you haven’t guessed by now, this equals $$$ for you the publisher/blogger. The better understanding you have of your audience the better you can convey your niche audience to advertisers. This is not only a cool startup, but a truly value added service to the content publishing and blogging community.

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