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Social Advertising

According toemarketer

video and social networks are among the hottest new ad formats today, they will account for $2.9 billion, or about 10% of total online advertising dollars projected for 2008.

The total online media buy or ad spending accounts for $27.5 billion in 2008 with growth reaching $42 billion by 2011. If the same growth percentage held ground that would equal almost $11 billion for video and social advertising spending by 2011.

The difficultly of the new social web is tracking it. Coming up with better metrics in itself could be a great opportunity for startups. The trend will continue and the growth inevitable, a startup could benefit tremendously by arming businesses with better metrics, tracking and usability reports. The traditional tracking of page views and unique visitor is not enough in a world of social networks, RSS,instant messaging, widgets, cross platform pulling and pushing of data. Brand exposure becomes paramount when everything is repurposed. Emarketer also sited:

As Adam Gerber of Quantcast has said, in the future, online media buying will be about “the re-aggregation of a fragmented audience that’s actually watching different things.”

Plenty of companies are tracking clickstream, but with unhappy privacy results from users. The key is to balance privacy, user and advertiser relationships so it becomes a win-win. I think Facebook’s beacon will continue to take the brunt of the work and craft a model for social networks to follow. Let me know your thoughts on social advertising today and where you think it is headed.

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