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Social Advertising UNLEASHED.


Myspace, Facebook and Google’s opensocial have all made major announcements regarding a social evolution for advertising. Myspace and Facebook have announced new advertising systems that are integrated in the social networks. Facebook has more than 60 major companies already signed up for “user advertising” from Blockbuster to Verizon. Facebook’s advertising model does away with the old push model of placing ads in the user’s face and hope for the best. FB’s system allows a company like Sony Pictures to create a Facebook page and have uses interact with the page and message that are pushed out on the network to receptive or targeted users. User’s can then hold the company accountable by leaving reviews or spreading the message to friends etc. enabling viral growth of the ad. Truly an interesting concept but way to early to determine effectiveness and/or hot spots in privacy.

Discussions of a Do Not Track List continue as online advertising spending continues to surge. Behavioral advertising is in the infancy and a certain level of checks and balances need to be put in place to properly protect privacy. It’s all about free will…as long as a user knows about it or has the option to opt out, life is good. Anne Zelenk over at GigOm has some interesting comments regarding becoming Adfriends.

Check out my Facebook source at computerworld.

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