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Amazon Web Services S3 goes down!

Amazon had a unknown server outage today starting at around 5am and lasting until quarter-past 7am. The reports in main stream media and blogs...

Xobni for Outlook

Xobni is a cool plug-in for Outlook that keeps contacts organized and user-friendly (why didn't Microsoft think of that?). Over the years I have...

Youtube finally lets us make money

Youtube opens up the money-sharing program that so many other video sites have adopted. Google is sharing the wealth of Youtube's ad revenue for...

Creative pitches for a new business

We all know getting attention to stakeholders (money, customers, talent, media exposure) in a newly formed startup is always a challenge. One of the...

Discovery buys HowStuffWorks for $250 Million

CBS isn't the only network buying up successful web properties, Discovery is plunking down $250 million big one to connect Discovery content into the...

Google buys Jaiku is twitter next?

Twitter has generated more buzz than a blow-fly in 2007 and has all but set the trend of micro-blogging or mini-blogging. But it is...

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