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Google Wave Download

Google Wave Download is almost here....

Monster.com pays $61 million to join social networking craze

Monster has plunged into social networking like fellow bellwether Cisco (Tribe.net and Five Across social acquisitions). Affinity labs was purchased for $61 million cash...

Google Friend Connect launches

Google's Friend connect has launched and gives web site owners the ability to add social features (within an iframe) to their existing websites. The...
facebook email

Facebook launching Gmail killer

Facebook will be announcing its' long awaited webmail project tomorrow rumored...
social media google analytics

The social graph and advertising

It's not "what you know" but "who you know". The old cliche' is being modified a bit by Facebook's social graph concept. The social...

CBS buys CNET $1.8 Billion

CBS has acquired San Fransisco based CNET for $.1.8 billion. CNET has numerous web properties and enormous traffic from the likes of Gamespot,TV.com, news.com...

Google Real Time Search…live

Reading about Google real time search, it's amazing watch it here LIVE

Netflix-Amazon, Yahoo-Facebook rumors fly…oh my!

Rumor has it Amazon is putting the hungry eye on Netflix, in the $2 billion range or 15x EBITDA. Although states sales tax could...
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Twitter and Linkedin partner

In a partnership that actually makes...

Rooftop Media raises cash to cash-in on comedy

Rooftop Media is a great idea, concept and business model. Besides the fact that I love corvids (a family of crows, ravens, magpies etc.)...

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