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Monster acquires Yahoo Hot Jobs


monsters acquires hot jobs

Monster cobbles up Hot Jobs from yahoo for $225 million. Yahoo continues to unload declining or non-core assets to flush up its’ financial position. Yahoo appears to be focusing on a content portal only play and leaving certain verticals like search, jobs etc… to players link Microsoft and Monster. The Hot Jobs acquisition comes on the heels of the 6sense launch by Monster that is more in the way of semantic search and an effort to bolster market share against gaining indeed.

According to a Monster press release this is why it’s such a good idea:

• Increased traffic to your jobs: Monster will become Yahoo!’s provider of career and job content on the Yahoo! homepage in the United States and Canada. This is not just a generic portal deal – people with a demonstrated interest in jobs and careers will be sent to Monster from Yahoo!. In fact, with an increase in qualified candidates, we expect that job response, our metric for apply per post, will increase significantly.
• Broader industry seeker mix: HotJobs brings new strengths to Monster in the form of healthcare, retail, finance and insurance seekers that complement Monster’s traditional strengths. As a Monster customer, you will be able to put your message in front of Monster’s and Yahoo!’s vast combined reach of career-minded candidates.
• Additional market presence: We will be able to leverage HotJobs’s strong reach in markets such as Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.
• Increased local presence: This acquisition expands our newspaper partnership network to approximately 1,000 weekly and daily newspapers, giving you local reach in all 50 states.

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