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Crowdsourcing-Copywriting-ServicesHow to Save Money and Time by Crowdsourcing Copywriting Services
Most businesses at some point need copywriting services done. This work is often done by an in-house copywriter for larger companies, but smaller companies will need to seek outside help to accomplish these tasks. The copywriting work is often sourced to a freelancer who comes with a hefty price tag, and may not produce the exact content that the business desires, even with stressful oversight.

Benefits of crowdsourcing copywriting services
Crowdsourcing is a great way to get copywriting services done while saving money and reducing time-wasting oversight processes. With crowdsourcing, copywriting services can be farmed out to workers of any given skill level. Depending on the crowdsourcing platform used, higher rates can be paid to get better content written by more qualified workers, or a system of simple qualifications can be used to only allow trusted writers to complete the tasks. Crowdsourcing pays for content only, not for the time spent writing it, so content can be sought after repeatedly until the company is satisfied with it. By allowing a narrow selection of quality workers to complete the tasks, good quality content is all but guaranteed for a mere fraction of the cost of hiring a freelancer to complete the same work.

Why go out of house?
While hiring an in-house copywriter can be tempting, going out of house for copywriting possibilities should be encouraged whenever possible. Copywriting is an essential part of a company’s operations, but with the scale of the internet and the sheer size of available crowdsourcing platforms, the same content can be provided for a fraction of the cost using crowdsourcing instead of hired freelancers or full time salaried positions. That reduces the number of workers in the office while getting the same content for a dramatically lower price. It simply does not make sense to pay so much more money for the exact same content or worse. Crowdsourced workers are loyal, they often use the income as the only way to pay bills, and they are not paid for their time, so they will not slack off. Their statistics are very important to them, so the work they submit will be quality work that is worthy of any company’s copy. With a little communication, workers will be happy to continue to put in work for the same company, building a rapport and understanding the style guide in the same way a freelancer would, but the workers only get paid for the content they submit. When a worker is not needed, they find work elsewhere and do not take the company’s resources or money.

Ultimately, copywriting work are best farmed out and crowdsourced. Freelance copywriters are fast becoming obsolete due to the vast network of workers willing to submit high quality work for much less money. By paying a fair wage, communicating well with crowdsourced workers, and providing fair expectations, fantastic results can be had through crowdsourcing.

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