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Be Ashton Kutcher’s VP of Pop Culture



Ashton Kutcher apparently needs some assistance in the pop culture department and indirectly getting the word out about his popchips.

He is in search of the next VP of Pop Culture which you can apply for on facebook and get 50K large plus all expenses and shananigans paid for in addition to the bragging rights of hanging out with our boy Ashton. That alone may be worth more than 50K in the long run if you’re lucky enough to get selected. I know what your’e thinking, why the heck is Ashton selling potato chips?

Part of the Popchips story is below:

In our pursuit of the snackers’ holy grail, delicious and healthier, we discovered popping. We’re able to simultaneously keep all of the flavor in, while keeping half the fat of fried chips out. Since we do all the popping ourselves, we can make sure of that. Our quality control mantra? If it doesn’t taste good, it’s not a snack, of course.

popchipsIt appears the potato chips are in-fact healthier, no saturated fats and lower in the calorie department. Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of tasting these fine non-fried treats. The Popchips even scored an endorsement from Mens Health for being one of the 125 best foods for men. So whether you like tasty healthy potato chips or not it would be sweet to work for Ashton for a year right?

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