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Cpanel to 1and1 servers


I apologize in advance to my fellow entrepreneurial readers who are subjected to reading my “geeking- out” experience of converting my blog and Startup Addict mysql databases from cpanel to 1&1 dedicated servers. I spoke in an earlier post regarding the difficulty with the first Startup Addict programming team and I reluctantly let the project manager persuade me into hosting with them. Mistake #1 was hiring them and getting nothing for the first investment other than proof of concept (to reprogram) to Mistake#2 hosting with them and dealing with intermittent mysql database connections for both this blog and the SA site. What finally drove me over a cliff was getting a response from their server admin more than 24 hours after I reported a problem.

Okay tirade is over. In my search of exporting mysql databases from cpanel to 1&1 mysql databases on dedicated servers, I found very little. So, hopefully Google’s database of intentions will land a desperate reader here (I think I’ve done enough keyword stuffing) to indulge the search engine. So two hours into my server problem the secret sauce is exporting as a version 4.0 mysql dump and it will by default import correctly into the 1&1 server. Both cpanel and 1and1 use phpmyadmin to export and import so as long as the version is the same, you will skip the esoteric error messages from calling out to random lines of code. Just make sure you export as a .sql file rather than csv or other type files.

Hope that is helpful to the mysql database crowd and my apologies for subjecting my core readers to this rant about cpanel, 1and1 and mysql geek speak.

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