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Spam injection in RSS Feed


For those of you subscribed to the Startup Addict Musings RSS Feed — I thank you. For those of you who stayed with the RSS feed after a nasty bout of spam injection — I commend you. I know what your thinking, spam injection sounds like a bad case of the clap but I assure you, it is nothing to clap about.

I lost about 35% of my RSS feedburner subscribers because the nasty little spammers felt compelled to hack my feed with a string of unsavory link ads. The spammers tainted a wordpress file by embedding a rogue javascript that makes “calls” and implants the nasty links.

I’ve upgraded to a newer version of wordpress (not bragging about my version for security) and cleaned / reinstalled numerous files. I have five older posts (feed only) that are still affected by the spam but have the problem relatively under control. I may repost those entries if I cannot fully diagnose the feed problem. Posts and Feeds going forward are clean so no worries on building the feed subscriber base back up.

I thoroughly recommend hardening your WordPress install and batting down the hatches for security sake. Also check out the following resources which have been instrumental in my own diagnosis of RSS spam link injection.

Gordon Dewis

So if you fall victim to spam injection or feed hacks then go through the following resources above…even better than taking a pill and calling your doctor in the morning.

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