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Top 5 Time Management Techniques


Time Management Techniques
We could all use more time, but there is truly only 24 hours in a day and time management techniques become an essential skill for combating the clock, especially for entrepreneurs. Here are my top 5 time management techniques that enable me to squeeze the most out of a day.

1. Focus rather than multi-task. Studies have shown that tasks take 50% longer to complete during multi-tasking rather than concentrating intently on the task until adequate completion.

2. Prioritize tasks appropriately. Don’t work on #4 on your “to-do” list when #16 and #25 are essential for a deadline. This sounds like common sense but prioritizing what is critical, is an essential ingredient in time management.

3. Monitor where your time goes. Identifying where your time really goes in a work-week verses where you “think” it goes is a must. This will reveal what your distractions are as well as what is consuming your time but producing little productivity.

4. Clean the Clutter. This is the one time management technique I continue to fight with everyday. Out of sight, out of mind works well here, When evaluating a task either “Do it”, “Discard it” or “File it”. This includes your digital assets as well like email, and desktop files. This should also help you perform backups on data more timely because your purging your inbox more.

5. Quiet Time. Believe it or not this is an essential technique to decompress from the daily information overload and noise. A minimum of 15 minutes should be allocated to taking a break, walking, cat nap or just reading personal material. The importance of this technique is release the stress value.

The benefits that you will gain from these techniques will be amazing. You should realize at least one of the following.

– More productivity
– Less ADHD syndrome
– Peace of mind
– Pride of accomplishment

so there it is your top 5 management techniques….take 2 pills and call me in the morning. -Good luck.

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