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Traveling Abroad for Graduate School


traveling-abroad-graduate-schoolAfter spending thousands of dollars on four years of college, it’s no surprise that people want to move on and start earning their first paycheck. It’s not only financially sensible, but it’s also great to help you develop your career. However, many people will work for a long time after their senior year and find that there’s a lot of competition for jobs in their field and they’re under-qualified to make the next step.

The problem is graduate school costs a lot of money – hard-earned cash that you’ve accumulated can disappear in seconds, putting you back at square one. If you’re feeling brave, you may as well get a degree while attending a university in a much more exciting, vibrant and life-affirming environment. So, cast your eyes across the Atlantic and consider your options in Europe, because graduate degrees will probably cost as much there – and may give you some impressive penash on your resumé!

An obvious choice of places to study is the UK – England in particular. While Scotland and Wales have plenty to offer American students, they aren’t as recognizable or easy to comprehend as the biggest country in their union. What’s more, London is the biggest city in Europe by a long-shot and is now home to lots of fellow Americans, Canadians and dozens of other nationalities, making it one of the most multicultural places to learn your specific trade.

Whether you choose one of the older institutions (and pay the price) or move out to the suburbs and enroll in a great newer college in London like Middlesex University, you can take advantage of a new city, learn your trade in a new culture, and live like the locals to broaden your horizons for when you return to the States – or stick around and do a bit of travelling.

A lot of degrees can lead to work in your sector of choice on location, or often lead to placements in future years after you graduate once more. Popular courses that people take as part of a grand masterplan – or a change of direction – include teaching, law or an MBA. These all offer great value for money, while being a student in Britain entitles you to a lot of bonuses: discounted electronics, free short-distance travel, store discounts and college-specific deals are yours to use to your heart’s content.

While the US has plenty of colleges to shout about, the price you’re expected to pay for graduate school can be crazy. Think of our British chums before committing to your local (or a big national) institution – chances are you’ll get just as good a deal there.

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