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10 traffic generation tips


The top ten traffic generation tips is one of the more popular requests from readers (actually traffic generation in general, I just chose to make it a top ten). I find this list can be about 10% subjective but will work for 90% of the blogging crowd who wish to drive more traffic. These are the top ten that have worked for me and I hope you can comment and add to this list so I can repost for the top 25 traffic generation tips…

1. Use Ping functionality. I use wordpress, so there is a simple built-in ping function for automaticly notifying sites like Google or Technorati that new content is ready to crawl. I know most of the other blogging software on the market has this function so investigate regardless of your blogging platform.

2. Quality content is king. YAWN! —-I know you have heard this a million times before, but seriously write content that means something at the end of the day. How tos, case studies, short lessons etc… You will be surprised at how little people actually write about content you’re passionate about.

3. Community. Be part of the community, you don’t have to be a hard core blogger or a prolific website owner, just some geninue comments on blogs, websites and social networks will be enough. Not only will you get inbound links to elevate your page rank, but you will make people aware of your brand. This includes leaving signatures on newsgroups, comments, forums and social groups.

4. BlogCatalog and Mybloglog. Most people will tell you Mybloglog is the way to go, but personally BlogCatalog has been a strong performer for me. Everyone is down to earth and generally cares about networking. There is a reason 73% of blogcatalog loves Startup Addict, it’s because we all support a growing community of blogs and websites that are relevant to our niche…after all that is the point.

5. Directories and linkback sources. There are so many to name here I don’t know where to start. Take a week you dedicate to the Internet and devote your time to finding nothing but directories that will give you valuable link backs and love. Consider all the heavy hitters like ezarticles, blogcarnival, squidoo, topix and many others. Just remember that web 2.0 and social media has added a whole other directory of link back sources (Facebook, Myspace). It’s better to be part of a long term del.ici.ous bookmark then an ephemeral StumbleUpon.

6. Press Releases. There are several.
Mashables has a great collection to save you on research all the paid and free services available. A good PR piece is essential for any brand to survive on the Internet. I’m offering the link to Mashables because they used #2 in this list (quality content is king).

7. Organic SEO. Do it yourself or hire it out. But the bottom line is I have far outperformed my PPC (pay per click) results by going organic. Technically this could be #8….learn a little CSS and some SEO copy writing and let the traffic roll in.

8. Yahoo Answers and Wikis. These particaluar sites are prime search engine fodder. Keywords rise fast to the top of Google in these Q&A verticals, be sure to find your niche topic and comment until you are blue in the face. Just make sure your comments or answers are actually useful and the Search Engines will reward you for it.

9. Network. Link exchanges, reaching out to fellow bloggers and website owners in your niche is worth its’ salt. Much of my relationships in the web world have come from real world contacts….don’t be afraid to leave your keyboard behind for an hour or two to reach out and make contact.

10. Use your talent for FREE! If you want to make a buck, sometimes you have to give it away first. For example….if you’re a web designer, give away a free CSS design with a linkback to you. If you are a business writer, compile an ebook and distribute for free with a link back. This causes brand awareness, linkbacks and credibility in your niche.

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