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Creative pitches for a new business


We all know getting attention to stakeholders (money, customers, talent, media exposure) in a newly formed startup is always a challenge. One of the most creative pitches I have read or heard about in recent months was from Mark Kern, president and chief executive of online videogame maker Red 5 Studios Inc (WSJ article here).

He sent a russian doll style pitch to prospect talent. They opened one box after another, and than another. Eventually the prospective talent got to an ipod shuffle that played the evoking voice of Mark Kern telling them why they should work with Red 5 and why all the great achievements upon until that point has lead them to Red 5. NOW that is a great pitch, that is something that stimulates the daily numbing emotions of our lives. I know from my brief but eclectic history of startups, that it is what sells the grand prize. Good for Mark’s usage and a lesson to all of us.

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