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Xobni for Outlook



Xobni is a cool plug-in for Outlook that keeps contacts organized and user-friendly (why didn’t Microsoft think of that?). Over the years I have acquired more add-ons, hacks and modifications for Outlook then any normal human should. Alas, the pain will subside and I can xobnize Outlook and realize the following benefits:

    Automatic organization of my email and contacts.
    Faster Search Functions…superior to native Outlook
    Xobni creates a profile of all interactions with your contacts.
    Xobni automatically extracts phone and email contacts from email messages.

If you are an avid Outlook user for communication but desire a higher high, then 20 lucky Startup Addict readers can download the program by entering the special invite code , ‘startupaddict’. The 20 lucky readers will in turn be able to invite 5 of their friends. Remember the product is still in beta so cracks may be visible under heavy fire.

Xobni is a fine addition to any entrepreneur’s toolbox in the mandatory world of clean, fast and intuitive communication. Now go grab those special beta invites, because like Ricky Bobby says in Taladaga Nights “If your not first, your last.”

Xobni was a TechCrunch40 Startup and full details on features and usability can be found over at Arrington’s pad.

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