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Wamp server problem solved.



Any technology problem that swallows endless hours of my time, compels me to post solutions so someone else can avoid the same pitfalls. Wamp server is an apache, php, mysql bundle for dynamic website development (a localhost environment). The problem I ran into was I could not browse my local host or load phpmyadmin. It was driving me insane because the server was clearly communicating with the index.php file but would not load. So after numerous uninstalls and reinstalls of Wamp I finally decided to track port 80 (duh!). The port 80 was having a conflict with Skype that also uses port 80. So long story short if Wamp installs and you can’t render anything to the browser, skype is probably running.

As always sorry to the non-geek readers….but I know my previous 1and1 cpanel migration to mysql saved people in the past based on the hits.

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