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Planon mobile handheld printer and scanner


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Road Warrior takes on a whole new meaning with the Planon handheld portable scanner and printer for mobile professionals. For under a $700 bucks you can truly have a mobile office on the road. Imagine having mission-critical documents (like a real estate contract) sent to your blackberry and you can print immediately to your Planon handheld printer. Other mobile printing applications could include:

· Dispatch / work orders

· Repair estimates

· Collection receipts

· Maps to customers

· Quotes and invoices

· Satisfaction surveys

The $299 Printstik model PS905ME is a step up from the basic Planon portable printer and gets you into the blue tooth category which is essential for the traveling executive. This will allow you to break the tether and nest of wires. We all like to travel mean and lean these days.

Planon portable printer blackberry

Continuing on with our example, you have received and printed out your critical real estate contract and a buyer just signed, time to present to your seller ASAP. Enter the docupen x series scanner starting at $369 and has color at 600dpi. This allows you to scan and send the contract no problem. You should also consider shelling out another $70 dollars to get some level of text recognition or Professional level OCR Software for the pesky documents you need to change or manipulate.

All in all, Planon handheld devices offer the road warrior plenty of features to be a clutch player in business deals on the go.

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