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Virtuix – Your chance to invest in VR.

Virtuix VR
Virtuix VR

Virtuix VR

The Virtuix Omni™ is purportedly the first virtual reality device/interface to allow a human to move naturally and freely without obstruction in your favorite game. This will also work with various VR headsets allowing the interface to be platform agnostic. Beside the obvious cool factor and utility of the product in the VR landscape the company is also seeking investment that equates to a mini-IPO taking advantage of the JOBS Act under Regulation A, which we’ve discussed before and I know this audience cares deeply about.  As of this article there is already $31 million dollars of indicated interest. This comes on the heels of $6.8 million dollars of crowdfunding and angel investment that reportedly includes Mark Cuban. If you’re looking to invest you can do so here on Virtuix website. The official offering will be through SeedInvest and the minimum investment will be $1000.00.


If you want to take a super cool look that goes beyond the Virtuix demo at CES 2016 check out this omni-treadmill footage of Skyrim to get a real taste of what this is like. Coming from someone who is eagerly awaiting his Oculus Rift to arrive I can tell you I’m drooling!

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