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Go here for Startup Addict Crowdfunding. You must have a verified paypal account to post a project or startup.

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crowdfunding for startupsStartupAddict is a haven for entrepreneurial SuperHeros thwarting the forces of mediocrity. A place where no good idea is left behind. Where Big Ideas are forged into success.

StartupAddict is crowdfunding for startups and entrepreneurs to raise money for their projects. Crowdfunding is a revolutionary new way to bring funding to startups and  reward “Funders” for believing in entrepreneurs.

Survival of the fittest for ideas. The crowd  – for the price of a Monday morning latte – can make amazing things happen.  The ‘crowd’ decides what is a worthwhile idea or venture and what is not.  It’s survival of the fittest for startups, creative ideas and projects.  If the crowd doesn’t like the project then it will not get funded by its’ deadline.  Good ideas will rise above the rest from the wisdom of the crowd and be validated as a worthy venture.

The ‘crowd’ is easier to gather. The colossal power of social networking websites has really been the catalyst that has made Startup Addict – in all its philanthropic glory – possible. You can spread your venture to your friends, followers and connections with ease. Crowdfunding for startups has finally arrived.

Whether your idea is big or small, hare-brained or thoughtful, serious or just for fun – we want to hear from you. Startup Addict aims to fund all sorts of crazy, arty, funny, ingenious and jaw-dropping projects. So if you’re an artist, explorer, musician, writer, entrepreneur or thrill seeker get your project with  funded with Startup Addict today.