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World of Warcraft on your mobile

Apple WWDC 2011 Keynote Coverage
Apple WWDC 2011 Keynote Coverage

World of Warcraft going mobile World of Warcraft is going mobile (yeah….will it work…I know). Vello is a well funded Israeli startup I reported early this year… it was founded in 2005. It took a second round (series B) of financing of 7.5 million this fall from Benchmark Partners and Blue-run partners. Supposedly World of Warcraft has been ported to 3G networks per Vollee.

According to the recent Under the Radar competition the following was stated:

The Vollee presentation at Under The Radar left our judges panel speechless, they were that impressed. Vollee’s technology is truly disruptive – it opens the door to an infinite range of mobile development opportunities – far beyond the world of gaming. The management team, led by CEO Martin Dunsby, is strong enough to take Vollee there.

Very exciting to see these startups pushing the envelope of bleeding edge wireless technology. Vollee is brilliant by porting MMO games that have built in audiences…cha-ching!.

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