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PushButton Game Engine going Flash


Do you want to develop games with someone’s code and market to 100 million players? Enter PushButton Game Engine.

The PushButton Engine is an open-source game engine and framework that’s designed for a new generation of games. This game engine helps you spend less time with code conventions and more time designing fun experiences.

According to Wagner James Au over at GigaOm the PushButton Engine is being distributed through the MIT open source license and is developed by Push Button Labs, a new startup led by Jeff Tunnell, founder of Dynamix and co-founder of GarageGames.

The innovative part of the business model is PushButton will sell premier code and game components to integrate with other flash game developers code to help a game startup scale faster. In addition, third-party developers of the PushButton Game Engine can sell their code components and get a 70% cut in the developer marketplace. Keep an eye on this space for scale….PushButton labs has identified a huge in-place audience and the business model to monetize it.

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