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5 guerrilla marketing techniques you didn’t think of

guerrilla marketing

guerrilla marketing

1. Custom Candy
– particularly customizing m&m candy. Write a caption that relates to your business or market a funny word that relates to your mission

2. Custom postage stamps
Zazzle and USPS give businesses the ability to upload their logo and marketing messages to be a cluster buster in the direct mail and snail mail marketing channel.3. Mobile Billboards – Get a least five vehicles in the same city through friends, family (people you pay off) to wrap logos and marketing decals on cars.

4. Print Custom calender
– Out of all the products you can give away from pens to mugs this continues to be a top performer when it comes to people actually using it and your message and brand staying on point ALL YEAR LONG. Even in the digital age we still use calenders in various locations at work and home.

5. Sponsor an Event
– But be frugal. Think of this as offline social media marketing. Thousands of events, groups and trade shows occur every year for just about every business vertical you can think of. Selecting the right event to sponsor is not only smart targeting but can segway into speaking events for you as well. This guerrilla marketing marketing technique continues to be under utilized.

As with any guerrilla marketing campaign these top 5 techniques should be carefully considered in an overall marketing mix for your business.

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