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Blabpredicts.com helps you spot Content before it’s Viral


Blab Predicts

What if you could predict which conversations online are going to become important days before they do? Well, blabpredicts.com is a service meant for just that.

The service allows you to discover which topics and conversations, even surrounding your brand, are gaining momentum online, allowing you to track which ones are worth paying attention to.

To me, the concept makes perfect sense. Freelance bloggers such as myself pride ourselves in talking about content before everyone else is, and the staggering potential for businesses is pretty obvious.

From crisis communication to brand management, or even community building, Blab boasts an opportunistic approach for brand managers who want to target audiences where they are ending up online.

Is it gimmicky or the real deal? Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to demo the product myself, but Blab has been pretty straightforward with explaining how the site uses large amounts of data it collects from you in order to chart accurate results.

Basically, you’re hiring Blab to do the research and management that you don’t have the time or the ability to do. It’s a great concept that has yet to be fully explored in such a concise package.

Expect blabpredicts.com to be making waves in the social media monitoring world soon.

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