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Commercial real estate augmented reality


commercial real estate augmented reality
ROFO has partnered with JUNAIO to create the first commercial real estate augmented reality mobile device application

Available now as a free app on the iPhone 3GS and coming soon to Android devices, junaio 2.0 (by Metaio) features a new Rofo commercial real estate channel, giving business owners instant access to complete information on available property listings by simply pointing their phone at a building of interest as they stroll through their favorite city or neighborhood.

Through this partnership, Rofo provides up to date national commercial real estate listings to mobile users by leveraging junaio’s augmented reality technology, which utilizes the phone’s compass and GPS to show digital content overlaid on real time locations. By subscribing to Rofo’s channel on the junaio 2.0 app, users can access information on nearby office spaces, including type of space, space size, monthly rent expense, lease type and can make direct inquiries to the appropriate broker or landlord right from their mobile device.

Users can either point the camera on their phone at an appealing office building or city block to identify availabilities using the Live View functionality, or they can browse nearby spaces within a specified radius using the Map View feature. Users can also snap and post images or notes on interesting locations directly within the app for future reference.

Being involved in commercial real estate myself from both a development and brokerage standpoint make sure you add your commercial real estate listings to Rofo, like any database it is only as good as the information entered.

You can find the Junaio app over at itunes. Happy hunting!

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