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Biodiesel demystified


Being in the construction and real estate industry Biodiesel has come on strong as an alternative energy source. This time last year the general population barely heard of the word. Now, more than ever it is on every companies road map, especially in construction.

There are some misconceptions and myths regarding what biodiesel is and isn’t. Let’s see how you stack up on a few questions that are common fallacies.

Q: Biodiesel has no standard formula.
A: False – Biodiesel actually meets the ASTM (American Socitey for Testing Materials) specification.

Q: Biodiesel is too young and has not been tested properly.
A: False – Rigorous testing has taken place by Universities and the US Dept of Energy & Agriculture.

Q: Biodiesel is very similar to ethanol.
A: False – Ethanol acts as a gasoline additive, whereas biodiesel is derived from chemical processing from plant oils, animal fats etc…

So there you have it Biodiesel demystified, half my readers will think this post is boring, but I wanted to share what will be in heavy equipment by 2012

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