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O’REILLY series – Buying a home

Oreilly buying a home

Oreilly buying a home It’s no secret the O’reilly book series is pretty exciting for all of us “closet geeks” (and freely open geeks). Startup Addict Musings agreed to do an O’reilly “missing manual” series post once a month on several O’reilly books on various technology topics of our choosing for review. The “Buying a home” book was a bit off topic for the typical O’reilly series. However, because we are currently in a buyers market and I have a real estate background as a broker and real estate developer, I figured it may be a good fit for review.

Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes for the book but to my surprise it was extremely informative and thorough, which is probably why O’reilly placed it into “the missing manual” series. It will bring a novice up to speed very quickly on the nuisances and pitfalls of a real estate deal. For professionals and real estate agents the book could be used as a refresher and checklist. My personal favorite was some of the more unconventional funding sources that can be used for a specific type of property. I was also nervous the book may take away from the value of a Realtor for the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) crowd of buyers, but it actually validates why you need a buyer’s agent in a real estate transaction rather than going it alone. Trust me from personal experience of helping dozens of buyers, you want a Realtor on your side.

O’reilly gets a thumbs up from Startup Addict Musings this round.

The book is available for purchase for $14.95

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