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article-writing-serviceWe launched our blog writing services  for agencies, startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for quality article writing services and other SEO services.  The story of  how this service came about is a classic example of being an uncontrollable Startup Addict.  As many of you know I’m a dedicated Blogger and decided to outsource specific articles for web properties showing signs of growth.  After doing numerous Google searches on “Blog Writing Services” and “Article writing services” I found several inadequacies with the competition.

Competition Dislikes:

Many of the search results I clicked on were generic landing pages offering boilerplate article writing services at dirt cheap pricing with fast turnarounds. A wise person once said “You can’t have fast, cheap and quality, you can only get 2 out of the 3.”  and no it wasn’t Ricky Bobby.

Like most services on the Internet searches can be riddled with scrapers, spammers and affiliate-abusers. I personally like to engage with businesses that have a story and a face behind the Company. I did find a few reputable writing services and personalities that I tweet with from time to time. However, the rest were  just shell pages pumping their wares.

Price & Location
You should never just compete on price. If your business is competing on price alone, you will be dead in the water. Remember what happened to the shared web hosting market?  Every business has different fixed and variable costs and the whole industry is cannibalized by businesses that pretend overhead doesn’t exist. Most of the article writing companies I stumbled on are so cheap it clearly is outsourced offshore.  Outsourcing certainly has it’s place, but I’m also a fan of generating jobs right here in the USA.

Article Length
Most services did not offer 500 words in content length for an article or blog post. There  are general rules of thumb for SEO content length depending on whether the content is an ebook, whitepaper, blog post, article submission etc. Many servcies indicated 250 – 300 words was more than adequate for a blog post. I disagree, which is why our Blog Writing Service is a 500 word minimum. We have all offically entered the age of great quality content and 250 words will not get your site or blog where it needs to be in the SEO and Social rankings.

I will take one high quality article over ten poorly written articles any day. Every article our team writes has one question in mind…”Does this make a reader want to share this immediately!” If we answer “yes” then we feel like the article is ready for our client.

So in my efforts to find an outsourced content generation service I ended up launching a new service for the Startup Addict community instead. I hope you find our article writing service worthwhile. I tried to be fair in terms of both quality and price. Enjoy and I hope our writing team can send you great content for your blog properties.  Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions to understand the scope of work in our writing services. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact form.

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