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I just finished reading Content Rich “Writing your Way to Wealth on the Web”.The author and fellow entrepreneur Jon Wuebben tackles an enormous amount of material pertaining to SEO copywriting. He demonstrates the topics and techniques in an easy to understand language. The book is adequate for the novice or experienced copywriter but shines in the optmization (chapter 5) and the small business (chapter 12) categories.

Content Rich digs into the anatomy of copy writing by identifying solid SEO techniques for spiders like Google, MSN, Yahoo while paying attention to aesthetics for the human readers. I have personally been obessed with SEO techniques at the expense of good call-to-action and conversion techniques. Content Rich has a nice balanced diet of both. It’s one thing for a search engine spider to find you but entirely another to convert a web surfer into a customer.

I would consider myself middle of the road in terms of SEO copy writing techniques and thought the book to be worth its’ salt and a good addition to my bookshelf for reference in the future.

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