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Conversion killers for your landing page


Landing pages are constructed for higher website conversions from targeted visitors. Your landing page audience is searching for a specific product or service via keywords in organic or PPC campaigns and need to be convinced they have arrived at the most relevant destination. There are numerous landing page techniques and conversion killers but I am only going to name the big three.

1. Attention grabbing Headline
You’ve spent precious time and money optimizing your PPC campaign and crafted a perfect landing page that relates to the keyword searched. Now you have less than 5 seconds to prove credibility to the visitor your site is exactly what they’re looking for. You need to start with a attention grabbing headline. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel here, just head on over to Copyblogger and get setup with the basics. Also check on this headline link .

Unlike journalism where “burying the lead” is a veteran laden technique, attention grabbing headlines requires spilling your guts in as few words as possible with compelling benefits about your product or service.

2. Simple Stupid layout
Along with the right headline, ensure the rest of the landing page layout has appropriate formatting. Avoid crazy banners and weird color schemes. Make sure graphics are used to set off the graphic design not kill it. A clear path to the conversion goal should be your focus of the landing page. A call to action is essential.

3. Large graphics and page bloat
This is common sense, but an overlooked conversion killer because people assume with broadband everyone has big pipes. This may be the case but certainly not best practices and you are sure to lose at least 5% of your conversions to this killer. Make sure all graphics are properly optimized and have a small footprint. Ensure javascript, widgets, outside or external code is kept to a minimum because you cannot control someone else’s server performance. Calling outside scripts can kill your page load. Write simple clean code with optimized graphics and life for your landing page will be good.

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